Simply Ming

EPISODE 1413: Ørjan Johannessen

This week on Simply Ming, Ming continues cooking his way through Norway. His third stop finds him in Bekkjharvik with gold medal winner of Bocuse d'Or 2015 Orjan Johannessen. Ming learns the Johannessen family recipe for pickled herring from non-other than Orjan's father! Together Ming and Orjan make two fantastic Fjord trout dishes that highlight some of Scandavania's best flavors. After learning the Johannessen family recipe for pickled herring, the chefs start off with Lime Cilantro Gin and Tonics before making Orjan's Tartar on Fjord Trout with Soya Pearls and Crayfish Broth and Ming's Fjord Trout Sashimi on Lime Cucumber Salad with Crispy Rice and Crème Fraiche Egg Sauce.

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