Simply Ming

EPISODE 1619: Wines of the Rhine

EPISODE 1619: Wines of the Rine

On this episode of Simply Ming, Ming travels to Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany for some wine, brandy, and local char. Heading up over the vineyards via gondola, Ming explores the flavors of Rudesheim and later meets Chef Fritz Pilcher to cook up some local char. Chef Pilcher makes Potato Fritters with River Char Tartar, Garden Greens, Lemon Dip, and Caviar Vinaigrette while Ming makes an Arctic Char with Crispy Skin and a Foie Gras Sauce with Brandy and Cauliflower Rice. To top it all off, pastry chef Roberta makes a brandy-filled Rudesheim coffeeserved with her famous Black Forest Cake.

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